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March 17, 2004



There should me more imaginative and creative things going on in this world. More urinals of this sort should be available everywhere. Sadly some feminist will probably find this to be very demeaning.

Fred Radcliffe

I think Virgin is getting a bum rap for trying to "think outside of the box". They hired a Belgian design/art firm to come up with interesting ways to liven up their VIP lounge. I guess it is only freedom of expression as long as what you express falls in line with a PC attitude.

I believe that if you don't want to watch certain programming on pay tv, then you can change the channel. And if you don't agree with Virgin's sense of humour, then don't fly Virgin Airways.

Or to but it another way.. "I am offended by how easily other people get offended. They should be more sensitive to my feelings and stop being offended by stupid stuff." Now did I offend anyone with that? Yes, good.

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